toward teaching children's literature, again

It has been a few years since I taught our "children's literature and resources" course, and a lot has changed.  For one, we now have frequently taught courses in nonfiction, fantasy, and media as well as young adult literature and history of children's literature.  While I know the books I'll be teaching (list is being formatted, but I'll post it here when it's done), I'm still developing approaches.

If I go with teaching book reviewing, then there will need to be some prep for that.  The text by Horning, From Cover to Cover, is terrific, and it's from 1997.  Here's a post from a blogger describing how it has been helpful despite changes over time in the children's book world:

Many syllabi teach book reviewing, as I have done in the past, but book trailer creation has a similar thought process behind it, only with different creative media.

I've been interested to see the range of approaches out there in terms of syllabi as well:

And this is a resource I'll share in class for the "Controversy" week:

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