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so many books, so few blog posts...

I've read a lot these past few months and posted hardly at all, so this will be an inelegant pile-up of mini-reviews... Heart and Soul by Kadir Nelson If I'd only posted this back in December when I read it, then I'd have beat the Coretta Scott King award by predicting that this was going to win.  This is an entirely African-American-centric retelling of American history, from the perpective of an elderly woman.  It's a fascinating and moving tale of how African Americans have contributed to the history of the United States, and it's illustrated with gorgeous paintings.  Definitely worth reading as a supplement and/or corrective to your average history textbook. Dead End in Norvelt by Jack Gantos Gantos finally won the Newbery!  This is a small-town charmer of a book, with a misfit hyperactive boy protagonist who learns less about how to fit and more about how to not fit comfortably.  Personally, I still like some of his other books better.  But it's a goo