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one fantasy and a couple of ok books

 The Lost Conspiracy  by Francis Hardinge (this books is also published at Gullstruck Island for the kindle, which is darned confusing if you ask me) This is the best of the three books I'm blogging today, although it's longer and slower paced than it needs to be.  Hathin is a Lace girl, one of the tribe of people who once lived on the entire island of Gullstruck prior to colonization.  The cultural differences between Hathin's culture and the colonizers are related to how they deal with their dead.  The Lace scatter their ashes and let their names fade, with the idea that death is a kind of unnaming, while the colonizers collect theirs and let them take over the land in graveyards full of urns.  Hathin is unusual mostly because of her sister Arilou, who is the only Lost among all the Lace tribes.  The Lost are able to send their senses out without their bodies, having five or more minds in different places at once.  Arilou, however, may or may not really be Lost.  Hathin