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what is reading storytelling?

Welcome to the first post of my newly remodeled (one might almost say reincarnated) blog.  In the past two years, since tenure and the coda (below), I've taken a brief sabbatical (Aug-Nov 2013), started a new position (Interim Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, and then Assistant Dean for Student Affairs as of Aug 2014), and found that reorganizing, managing, and growing a team with eight staff members takes much of my creative energy.  However, it's an honor to be in a position to serve our students at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science and to work with such an exceptionally professional team. Storytelling has been part of my regular teaching for just over a decade, with a course by that same name and a Storytelling Festival every spring.  Here's the latest iteration of the course description: Fundamental principles of the art of storytelling including techniques of adaptation and presentation; content and sources of materials; methods of learning;