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we now interrupt this blog... Chabon, Jones, Levine

Where has Kate been, you may be wondering? Surely she has been reading, as is her tireless wont? Well, dear blog readers, I have been busily writing or rewriting the last 4 chapters of my now complete 8 chapter dissertation, and I'll be defending it on April 27 9-11am CST, GSLIS building room 109 if you're local. So, in great part, what I have been reading since February is about 275 pages of my own writing, over and over and over again. While it has been great to make this progress, and it will be thrilling to be done, the agonies and angst of re-reading and editing one's own writing just do not make for pretty public display. And so I have spared you all. :) In the last few weeks, though, I realized that I had to read something simply to keep myself from self-destructing with anxiety. I first learned this about myself in high school, senior year, when AP and IB exams were going on (Hi Craig and Melanie!). During those 2 weeks of nonstop testing hell, I read the enti