kates of the world, contrast!

I am a nerd.  This comes as no surprise to any of you who know me.  My undergrad alma mater, New College of Florida, has just been name the nerdiest school of all:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/25/princeton-reviews-nerdiest-colleges-2012_n_1452170.html
I am so very proud.  In addition, my very own GSLIS is flying its discreet, professional, and amiably top achieving nerd flag:

While searching for my blog, What Kate Reads, I came to have typed the terms "what kate" and google filled in the rest with "what kate wore."  That is not my blog.  Kate Middleton is not a nerd.  But, if you're reading this blog, you might get a kick out of the What Kate Wore blog by means of extreme contrast:  http://whatkatewore.com/

And kudos to Merinda Hensley whose thought-provoking talk on the ridiculously idealistic framework of comprehensive information literacy made for a great Grad College program today:

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