primary sources back to uiuc library

It's tough letting go of these, but they're all owned by UIUC, so I can get them again if needed

-Book Culture and Character, by J. N. Larned, 1906
A much looser sense of what is acceptable reading than in earlier works. Even the title of that chapter, "Hints as to Reading," is gentler than what came before.

-References to books in the Cleveland Public Library, intended to aid the third grade teachers of the Cleveland Public Schools, compiled by May H. Prentice of the Cleveland Normal School, published by Cleveland Public Library, sometime in the 1890s--LJ contained announcements of this. This was the first time I saw evidence of this fine-grained level of age grading in a public library resource. Opens with a quote: "The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught as that every child should be given the wish to learn. [...] Sir John Lubbock, in Pleasures of Life p. 184" [I don't know any more about Lubbock or this source at the moment.]

-List of Books to be Read by First Year Students, by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Training School for Children’s Libraries. 1912. 7 pages long, probably worth copying to keep this list.

-List of Students in the Training School for Childrens Librarians Since its Organization together with the positions held by them, by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, 1910. Also worth copying.

-Stepping Away from Tradition: Children's Books of the Twenties and Thirties, ed. by Sybille A. Jagusch, contains an essay "The Leadership Network in Children' Librarianship: A Remembrance" by Mildred Batchelder. 1984. (this copy is falling apart) Also contains an essay by Tebbel.

-The Children's Library by Sophy H. Powell, 1917

-Libraries and Schools by S. S. Green, 1883 publisher Leypoldt (multiple essays, several cited in dissertation)

-Public Libraries in America by Wm Fletcher, 1894

-Classics of American Librarianship: The Relationship Between the Library and the Public Schools, ed. Arthur E. Bostwick, H. W. Wilson. Includes Stearn's 1894 Report on Reading for the Young.

-How the Other Half Lives by Jacob A. Riis.

-Statistics of Public Libraries in the United States, 1884-85, by U.S.--Bureau of Education, Washington Government Printing Office 1886.

-Samuel Swett Green, A Biography by Robert Kendall Shaw, American Library Pioneers series, Chicago: ALA, 1926.

-Caroline M. Hewins Her Book, containing A Mid-Century Child and Her Books by Caroline M. Hewins and Caroline M. Hewins and Books for Children by Jennie D. Lindquist. Boston: Horn Book, 1954.

-American Library Pioneers/Pioneering Leaders in Librarianship ed. by Emily Miller Danton. Includes Hewins and Sanders

-Public, Society, and School Libraries in the United States with Library Statistics and Legislation of the Various States. United States Bureau of Education, 1897.

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