More Books Back to UIUC

So many books, so much time they took...

-White, A Historical Introduction to Library Education (kept TofC and a xeroxed section of pages related to youth services work)
-Hopkins, History of the YMCA in North America
-Macleod, Building Character in the American Boy: The Boy Scouts, YMCA, and Their Forerunners, 1870-1920. Useful because it gave me background on Ernest Seton Thompson, who spoke to the first class of children's librarian trainees (along with John Dewey, Jane Addams, and others). (xeroxing TofC and a few select pages re discouragement of fiction reading in 1870s)

Histories of the Kindergarten Movement
-Ross, The Kindergarten Crusade
-Liebschner, A Child's Work: Freedom and Play in Froebel's Educational Theory and Practice
-Shapiro, Child's Garden. This was another book I encountered early in the process. Lots of stickies to remove, but ultimately all I really want to keep is the TofC.

Other Social Movements Related to Childhood:
-Cavallo, Muscles and Morals: Organized Playgrounds and Urban Reform, 1880-1920.
-Davis, Spearheads for Reform: The Social Settlements and the Progressive Movement, 1890-1914.
-Lynn and Wright, The Big Little School: Sunday Child of American Protestantism
-Boylan, Sunday School: The Formation of an American Institution, 1790-1880.
-Dunning, The Sunday-School Library (primary source)
-Foote, The Librarian of the Sunday School (primary source)
-Tolman, Libraries and Lyceums (1937(?) thesis facsimilie)
-Bode, The American Lyceum: Town Meeting of the Mind
-Stoddard, The American Lyceum

Schools and Educational Movements
-Ross, G. Stanley Hall: The Psychologist as Prophet (biography)
-Martin, The Education of John Dewey (biography)
-Davis, American Heroine (biography of Jane Addams)
-Linn, Jane Addams: A Biography
-Gutek, Pestalozzi and Education
-Sugg, Motherteacher: The Feminization of American Education
-Perlmann and Margo, Women's Work?: American Schoolteachers, 1650-1920
-Holmes and Weiss, Lives of Women Public Schoolteachers
-Ogren, The American State Normal School
-Herbst, And Sadly Teach
-Ensign, Compulsory School Attendance and Child Labor (reprints of primary sources)

Four Sources Worth Revisiting:
-Tyack, Turning Points in American Educational History (reprints of primary sources with interpretation)
-Tyack and Hansot, Managers of Virtue: Public School Leadership in America, 1820-1980 (interesting set-up of theoretical approach in intro)
-Cremin, The Transformation of the School: Progressivism in American Education, 1876-1957
-Kaestle and Vinovskis, Education and Social Change in Nineteenth-Century Massachusetts (strong basis in statistical evidence, interesting methodology)

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