AIVCA, the Anti-Infodemic Virtual Center for the Americas


New article out today! Grateful to share the development of this Anti-Infodemic Virtual Center with Ian Brooks at the Center for Health Informatics. DOI

After a two-hour WHO workshop on how to understand and use storytelling today, I'm reminded again of how much colleagues have helped support my well being simply by sharing the work of try to establish stories based on accurate data and information. The workshop was led by a UK organization focusing on qualitative research, and it was based on 68 interviews with frontlines health care providers about storytelling in their word during the Covid-19 pandemic and accompanying infodemic. The infodemic is the accompanying disinformation, misinformation, malinformation, and flood of information that accompanies major disruptive events in a digitally networked world. Here's the WHO overview of the topic.

For my part, colleagues like these were an absolutely foundational part of my sustaining not only research momentum during lockdown but also mental health. There's nothing as strengthening as being part of a team working hard on some of the world's most pressing problems. The shared values of people, health infomation, and leveraging technology for social good creates a camaraderie among the team that sustains as we move ahead with future plans to implement this anti-infodemic virtual center.

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