teen humor

I love silly YA fiction... I always need a series at this time of year, and so it's the last 3 books of the Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging series by Rennison. Substance? Not really. Amusing fluff? Yes, for days! Highly engaging and distracting as Georgia Nicholson pals around with the Ace Gang and tries to decide between Luuurve Gods Robbie and Masimo while constantly being distracted by Dave the Laugh. It's the last book in the series now, #10, and obviously we all hope she comes to her senses and picks Dave the Laugh. We shall see. She doesn't grow up so much as just change tack on a kind of ridiculousness that, as her parents' shenanigans demonstrate, it's not really necessary to grow out of, and may in fact be more fun to maintain. Series recommended only if you're ready and able to put all seriousness (possibly even part of your brain) aside for the duration of the reading experience.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Quesn was a much better book than movie (Thanks Kat!), and I will admit that I do own the movie. Instead of the film's magical surrealism, the book actually creates a plausible interaction between bold teens and a rock star. Rock star was neither overly impressive nor impressed, and the teens did not reform his life but instead saw a glimpse of it, and that glimpse was ugly in all the ordinary ways. I much prefer the book, and I definitely recommend it.