Eclectic Goddess

When God was a Woman by Merlin Stone
Not a scintillating read, but synthesizes much scholarship about cultures in which a goddess was worshiped as the creator of the world.

The Tenth Power by Kate Constable
Another goddess story... this is the 3rd in a series of YA novels about a girl who is raised in a magic-singing goddess-worshiping society. Unfortunately, she loses her magical powers, travels across the land, and realizes that magic-singing is only one of the many powers that people on her world have. One of ten, in fact. Fortunately, in this one she saves the world. The series is fun, not the best fantasy ever, but reasonably entertaining reads.

Tales of the Dervishes by Idries Shah
This contains a story I love: Fatima the Spinner. Absolute ruin befalls her three times, but out of each of her recoveries she gains skills that make her unique, until she pleases the Emperor of China by making him a tent. Thanks to Anna Z. for telling it ably and powerfully in class several years ago.

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